21 Dec 2020

Tender Public Notice

Government of the Northwest Territories –  Northwest Territories

Government of the Northwest Territories

Public Notice
Property Assessment for the
Northwest Territories General Taxation Area

Take notice that the Certified Assessment Roll, First Revision (2020 Assessment for 2021 Taxation) for the General Taxation Area of the Northwest Territories (NWT) can be inspected at the office of the Director of Assessment, Department of Municipal and Community Affairs, Government of the Northwest Territories, 5th floor, Northwest Tower, Yellowknife, NWT. Assessed owners have been sent their respective “Notice of Assessment”. Each community government office has been provided with the Assessment Roll relating to their community, which is available for public inspection. Each regional MACA office has been provided copies of the roll for communities in their region, which is also available for public inspection.

The General Taxation Area of the NWT includes the geographic area of the Territories that is not within a Municipal Taxation Area. The General Taxation Area includes all hamlets, charter communities and all properties in the hinterland or located outside communities.

Please be advised that under Section 40 of the Property Assessment and Taxation Act,
any person can make a complaint on the assessed value of their property at the Territorial Board of Revision. Written complaints must be received by Secretary to the Board of Revision, #600, 5201 – 50th Avenue, Yellowknife NT X1A 3S9, on or before Monday, January 25, 2021.

Complaints must be made by written notice and include the following: (a) The name, address and telephone number of the complainant; (b) The location and legal description of the assessed property in question; (c) The complaint and reasons for it; and (d) The remedy or direction sought.

For further information please call the Secretary to the Board of Revision, Michael Gagnon, at (867) 767-9162 ext. 21022.


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